Finally! A Coloring Book for Made for Gay, Trans & Gender Variant Kids!

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“When it comes to gender and sexual orientation, kids need to know that it’s OK to color outside the lines and that they’ll be loved for just being themselves. At the age when children are learning their ABCs, it’s important to teach acceptance of LGBTs. Because whether kids grow up to be straight, lesbian, gay, transgender, bi, asexual, pansexual - or even feel they fall outside the guy/girl gender binary - they need to know they won’t fall out of favor with their family. When I was very young, my mother would disapprovingly tell me through clenched angry teeth to ‘stop acting like a girl.’ I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong - but I did understand the burning shame that I felt for just being myself. With cruel bullying and alarming numbers of LGBT youth taking their own lives, it’s urgent for all kids to hear, early and often, that it’s OK to be queer.”

-Luke Montgomery, Author, Founder

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